We’re loving the journey we’re on, and we love the people on this journey with us. Here’s some of their stories.

“I thought our marketing was good, I had no idea that we could have achieved so much more.”

Chief Digital Marketing Officer
Top New Zealand Bank

Creative Change & Brand Transition

This organization had a well-established marketing and business strategy. They were forward-thinking and had a very post-modern brand. Their creative teams were struggling to transition from old-school brand architecture to the new one, with many working pieces involved. We helped them overcome this transition and help them bring their newest, brightest and now most “kiwi” banking brand in Aotearoa.

“We had an idea, that’s all. We received a clear brand simulation and growth strategy, and it really gave us clarity and value pre-investment.”

Co-Founders & Entrepreneurs
Series A Tech Developers

Brand Conception

Two co-founders, one big idea. They had the product built, but no idea how best to frame it before looking for investment. We helped build their brand from scratch, align their SaaS experience, build a go-to-market strategy for both B2B and B2C business models, and assets to support their investor pitches.

“We thought our business challenge was financial. We had no idea that we needed to focus on brand growth to get to the next level.”

Well-Known Sports Company

Brand & Strategy Growth

A well-established sports company approached us with an ad-hoc business strategy that was fairly successful on paper. They had a vague vision on where they wanted the business to go, without any real direction on how to get there. We helped develop a clear marketing-led business strategy with mother-brands, sister-brands and sub-brands to help clarify their various business offerings and move towards a franchising model.

“It takes the guess-work out of a world I don’t know much about, saving me time and a lot of money.”

Small Business Owner
Local SMB

Marketing Strategy & Upskilling

One of many, this SMB approached us needing a little help to modernise their current brand strategy. We helped them identify their gaps, what they could do within budget, and how to impact bottom-line on a stable, low-touch spend. We managed the initial setup including their website, social media and ad accounts, followed by upskilling sessions and ongoing mentorship.

“A custom app even better than we envisioned, without the hassle of what we thought was an ‘app-app’.”

Board Chair
Local Community Group

Custom App Solution

A fairly widespread community group approached us with a community outreach challenge – ‘how do we get our message to thousands of people and promote our local businesses in a way that is relevant to each individual?’. We clarified their business strategy, overarching brand, communications strategy and developed a series of tools to make their team’s workflows more efficient whilst using a custom-built website-app to deliver tailored value to their community.

“I learnt so much in such a short period of time. Being able to learn from real-life experts gave me new ideas and the experience I needed to find my own way.”

Scholarship Student

Student Mentoring & Upskilling

This scholarship student was referred to us for advanced mentoring by a secondary school in the Waikato region. Undergoing her final year of school, she had a sound foundation in the world of digital art and brand creation with no real-life practice. We provided ongoing mentorship for two years, helping her attain a University scholarship and establish her own freelance sole-trader business.

“We are so grateful for the work and effort donated to us. We could never have achieved this level of fundraising in such a short period of time.”

Committee Member
Local Community Group

Sponsored Events Series

This non-profit committee was having a hard time staying afloat. Relying on donations and sponsorships to fund their daily activity began to stall, and their fundraising approach to date was lagging. We organised a series of tailored, annually recurring events to provide them with sustainable sponsorship and autonomous platform to continue their activities and support their community, raising more than their previous years’ fundraising combined across four quarterly events.